Miss_LolitaF back to street style?

Maybe she has, maybe she hasn't. Maybe she had, maybe she hadn't: a street style.
After Lolita recieved 4OOO starpoints decided to have a new style. Every people whic visited here suite told her: I like your new style and shits like that. Before 4OOO points, she was a girl wich changes her style everyday. The things changed. Lolita wears only long dresses, the same hair, the same colour. Just lips are the same. Now, I saw her 'fabulous'  outfit. A street one. Blue lips, but wow! The hair is the same! I think she should paint her hair blue, as the clothes. So, the conclusion is that Lolita is back to changing the style everyday.

Woldoor 8 months pregnant!

The best known as a graphic designer, Wooldoor is 8 months pregnant. Nearly 9.
She took a picture and added to her blog to share it with peoples.
And this is the reason she hasn't been active on her personal blog these months.
''And the special thing is it's going to be a Christmas baby''. She said on her blog too.
If the baby will be a girl will be called Konnie and when she will be 8 years old, her mother will make her smoke.
If there will come a boy, will be called Raiman. And she won't let it to grow up like a baby bell (?)

What you think about her decisions?