Sunny Mistake!

From all the mistakes comitted, this is one of biggers.
We expected this new floor from Sunny Bunny only because there will be wigs.
You can buy a wig for 6 stardollars only.
But, how could you wear a little wig?
Some of them are looking like the starpoints hairstyles but somehow styled.

Are you gonna buy a wig or more even they're little, do you think they will be fixed soon?


The famous owner of Hot Buys Bazaar alias Stardoll's Most Wanted is now missing.
Also a stardoll elite & royalty club member is now far away by stardoll.
The stardollians says awful things like 'she is leaving' or some stupid things like this.
She should write on her presentation that is far for a few days (weeks)
The only truth is that the Real Life. All of us know that is more important than Stardoll.

Also some persons think she is a hacker (the right word is scammer from the phrase you will se below)

Someone thinks that she is a hacker.
But in my opinion, if you steal from someone rares or DKNY is called Scamming, not hacking.
This girl, called palisia112 is thinking very bad. I don't think a 16 years old would do this to  a little child I guess is 'aguisicze99' 
And personally, I think this girl should take writing lessons. 

On her presentation, Jenna says very clear that she got this account with many rares.

R.I.P springate

Again someone who needs too much atention.
Springate is the boy who is leaving this time the 'beloved' stardoll.
He says that is scared of death. Or is scared of the death of his account?
A 'elite' haves a lot of rares, dkny etc. This boy has them.
But maybe he wants to die with them:

If I would be instead them I would never leave stardoll even if I am bored of it.
And NEVER EVER I would never sell my rares.

Newest Gossips Blog.

Here is the new real gossips blog.
I want to introduce myself.
My fake name is Lola Parker.
My stardoll username is LolaParker92.
I was born in Argentina but I live in Spain.
I created this blog for the newest elites members events.
So if you want to see what's going on on stardoll, come here.

Don't forget to follow & comment.